Creating a Device

Creating a device in a project

After a project is created, click on the project row. This will navigate you to the selected project. In the selected project page, you will have three tabs:

  1. Devices tab: List of all your devices within the project. Here, users will be able to add, edit, and delete devices.

  2. Members tab: List of all the members assigned to your project. Here, users will be able to add, change roles, and delete members.

  3. Data Streams tab: Table displaying all the data streams from every device in the organization.

In the devices tab, you can create a new device by clicking on the add button.

After creating a device, a new row is added to the table, fill in the

  1. Device Name

  2. Device Description

  3. Device Type: Select the type of Raspberry Pi you are using.

Below is a list of functions for the Device Table

  • Edit Device: Device name and description can be changed when editing. The device type cannot be changed after it has been set.

  • Delete Device: Deleting the device will delete it from the project and organization permanently.

Next, we will set up the device and connect it to the cloud.