Creating a Project

How to create a project within IoTFlows

First, we start by creating a project within your personal account or an organization.

  1. Click the projects page button in the left navigation bar, the projects table will be displayed.

  2. Click the add button on the top right-hand corner of the table. A new row will appear in the table.

  3. Add the project name, description, and type of privacy.

After the project is created, click on the project row to navigate to the selected project. See below for details on all functionality.

Projects Page Functions

The projects page is where all your projects are listed. In each project you can add specific members of the organization that will collaborate with you in that specific project, you can add devices that will be used in that project and display the data streams for all the devices integrated to that project. Devices can only be added within a project.

A user will only see the projects that they are assigned too and not all the organization's projects.

Only Organization Owners and Administrators will see all projects and members, even if they are not assigned to that project. See Permissions on an IoTFlows workspace for more details

Below displays the position of each button along with its function.

  • Add Button: Adds a row within the table. Once added, you need to add the project name, privacy, and description. By creating a project you will automatically be the Project Administrator. Check out Permissions on an IoTFlows workspace for more information.

  • Edit Button: User can edit name, description, and privacy.

  • Leave Button: Users can leave the selected project.

  • Delete Button: Project will be permanently deleted for all users and devices assigned to the project.

Deleting a project will delete all devices and members assigned to the project permanently.

Next step will be creating a device