IoTFlows Platform Overview

Description of IoTFlows Platform

After creating an account. The following screen will be displayed, a description of each buttons function is shown below.

Main Screen
  • Profile Button: The top right button links to the user logging out and information such as

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Phone Number (important for receiving SMS notifications)

    • Email

    • Username

  • Personal/Organizations Button: Displays a dropdown list of all your organizations and personal accounts. Go to What is an Organization? for more details

  • Personal/Organizations Settings Button: Dropdown list with the following options:

    • Add Organization: Creates a new organization

    • Edit Organization: Edit Organization name and description

    • Leave Organization: You are removed from the Organization

    • Delete Organization: The entire Organization is deleted

NOTE: Personal Organizations cannot be edited, left or deleted.

Deleting an Organization will delete all projects, devices, members, alert channels, and wi-fi networks permanently.

  • Projects Page: List of all the projects within an Organization. Inside of each project you will have your own devices, members and data streams. Please see Creating a Project for more information.

  • Devices Page: List of all the devices within an Organization. Devices cannot be added in this page, they can only be added within a project. Please see Creating a Device for more information.

  • Members Page: List of all the devices within an Organization.

  • Data Streams Page: Table displaying all the real-time data coming from all devices assigned to the Organization

  • Alerts Page: Here is where users can create alert channels, add users to each alert channel, and display real-time alerts. They will also be able to manage all notifications (Push, SMS, Email)

  • Wi-Fi Network Page: List of all Wi-Fi networks added to the Organization. This is where each network in order for them to be available for each device.

Steps by Step instructions on getting started

  1. Creating a Device within a project

  2. Creating a Wi-Fi network for an organization

  3. Creating a Client for a device

  4. Creating a Data Stream for a device

  5. Adding members to organizations, projects, and alert channels