Create a secure Cloud Node-RED Server in five minutes

Create a secure and managed Cloud Node-RED Server to develop a REST/HTTP API, analyze your data in real-time, generate alerts, and integrate your IoT data with other APIs and applications

What is an IoTFlows Cloud Node-RED server?

Node-RED is a low-code flow-based programming language in Node.js that allows you to develop and deploy codes in a browser. You can install Node-RED locally, on a device, or in the cloud.

An IoTFlows managed cloud Node-RED server is a dedicated server in the cloud for you with encrypted traffic over HTTPS, with single sign-on authentication, and authorized to only permitted users in your organization. Equipped with IoTFlows Node-RED nodes, these servers are great resources for ingestion, integration, and analytics of your real-time data.

Create a Cloud Node-RED server

From the left hand side navigation in the console, navigate to the cloud Node-RED servers tab hit Create Server and select a server type.

Next, create a new SSH pair key or select an existing one. A pair key consists of a public and a private key. The public key will be stored in the server and you'll be able to access your server via your private SSH key.

IMPORTANT Store your private key in a safe location.

Next, enter a name, description, and a subdomain for your server and hit Launch Server! It might take up to 5 minutes for the server to be created and configured.

Once the server is up and running, you can click on the Node-RED button and select Node-RED Connect to navigate to the Node-RED server. You and anyone else in your organization with Organization Owner or Administrator role can authenticate with their IoTFlows credentials and access this server.

Congratulations! You successfully created a secured cloud Node-RED server.

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