5. Create public links for local web-apps

In this page, you will see how you can create public HTTPS links for the web-apps running on your local machine so you can access them from other computers with a regular internet connection. In this example, we will show how you can expose port 3000, which is the default port for react, to the internet.

Create a Custom Secure Remote Connection

To remotely access your local web-app running on your device, you first need to have your device connected to IoTFlows cloud. If you haven't already done so, connect your device. Once your device is connected and its green light is visible in console, navigate to Remote Connections tab.

In Remote Connections page, you can see the list of secure remote connections for this device. If you don't have a remote connection for your web app, create one by clicking on Add Remote Connection, CREATE CUSTOM CONNECTION, enter the requested parameters and hit CREATE.

Since in this example we want to expose our react app from port 3000, we enter the following information:

Enable the remote connection and connect to your web-app

Ensure your device is connected to the cloud by checking if you see the green light on the device page, Enable the remote connection that you just created in the Remote Connections tab, and hit Connect. You will be navigated to the public HTTPS link created for your web-app. You can disable this connection anytime to restrict the public access.

Congratulations! You successfully created a public HTTPS link for your local web-app.

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