3. Transfer files to your device over the internet

SSH File Transfer Protocol or SFTP is widely used to securely transfer files with computers in your local network or with servers that are publicly available with a static ip address.

In this page, you will see how you can securely SFTP to your private IoT/Linux devices over the internet even if they don't have a public static ip address or if they are behind NAT/Firewall.

Ensure you have a live Secure SSH Remote Connection

To remotely transfer files to your IoT/Linux devices, you first need to have your device connected to the IoTFlows cloud and have a secure SSH remote connection enabled for your device. If you haven't already done so, connect your device, and create and enable a SSH remote access. Once your device is connected to the cloud (its green light is visible in console), and the SSH connection in enabled, click on SECURE FILE TRANSFER button.

A modal will be prompted that asks for the username and password of your device. Enter the credentials for the user that you would like to establish the SFTP connection with and hit CONNECT.

Make sure to enter the credentials of the user that has the right permissions. Some users are not permitted to edit certain files and directories.

When the file transfer successfully connects to your device, you will see the Device File Manager window. With Device File Manager you can list, upload, download, delete, and create files and directories. You can also drag and drop files to this window to upload them to your device. Get started by going to /home/[your user] and upload a file.

Congratulations! You successfully established a secure SFTP connection over the internet to transfer files and folders.

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