Creating an Alert Channel

How to create an alert channel for you and your team to receive and manage all your alerts

To create an alert channel, go to the Alerts page, click on the Alert Channels button, and from the dropdown menu click on Create Alert Channel

A dialog will pop up, type in the name and description what your alert channel

After Alert Channel is created, it will be displayed in the same dropdown button where an alert channel is created. Once selected, the alert channel information will be displayed in the top toolbar

Managing Alert Channel

Alert Channels can be managed through the Settings Icon next to the Alert Channels button. The icon is disabled until an alert channel is selected.

Alert Notifications

To receive notifications such as Push, SMS, and Email, go to the Setting Icon in the alerts page for the alert channel of your choice, from the dropdown menu click on Manage Alert Channel Notifications. The dialog will allow you to toggle ON/OFF any notifications you would like to receive.

Alert Channel Severity

Alert Channel notifications are separated into 3 categories




This is meant to help you prioritize the information that you would like to receive and view. You can label each alert with your desired severity in order for it to be properly filtered. To learn more fo to Publishing an Alert.

Severity Toggle Buttons

On top of the alert table, you can filter the type of notifications you would like to view.

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