1. Creating a Page

You can have multiple pages in your dashboard, these are called tabs, and each tab has it's own name. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will only have 1 tab which will be our Fish Tank.

Click on the +tab button within the layout tab

A new tab will be created. Click on the edit button within the new tab row and change the name to Fish Tank (1). Once the name is changed, click the Update (2) button.

Now that we created our Fish Tank page, we will create Groups, this will allow us to separate the different areas within our page, depending on the charts and graphs we want to group together.

For this tutorial, we will create 4 different groups

  1. Temperature/ph monitor

  2. Water filtration

  3. Lighting

  4. Food Dispenser

To add a group, click on the +group button in the tab row and create 4 different groups

On each group, click the edit button and change the name of each group to the names shown above.

In the group Water Filtration, click the edit button and change the width to 12 instead of 6. This will allow us to properly display the charts and tables in future steps.

Click Update once this is complete.

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