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This is a great place to explore our software, hardware, development tools and everything you need to build smart products, cloud analytics, APIs, and more with IoTFlows.

What is IoTFlows?

IoTFlows is a collaborative development platform providing the essential IoT tools to facilitate the development of IoT systems. It creates a collaborative workspace to bring all your team members, devices, data streams, and alerts in one place. The integration with the cloud allows you to publish, subscribe, and visualize your IoT data in real-time and access your devices remotely. Here you will learn about different services offered by IoTFlows.

Device Management & Secure Remote Access

Install the IoTFlows Remote Access agent on your IoT/Linux device to:

  • Securely remote SSH to your device (even behind NAT and Firewall)

  • Securely exchange files and push updates to your device over the internet

  • Create secure public links for the web apps running locally on your device

  • Securely access Node-RED running on your device over the internet (Node-RED is a flow-based development tool embedded in the Remote Access agent)

  • Remotely utilize Node-RED with IoTFlows nodes to publish and subscribe real-time data streams, actions and alerts

Real-Time Data Streams, Alerts, and Actions

Create data streams in IoTFlows and utilize our SDKs and APIs to:

  • Securely publish real-time messages and alerts from your devices and applications

  • Securely subscribe to real-time messages in your other devices, backend services, cloud servers, and mobile/web apps

  • Define actions/cloud-functions on your device and call them with from other applications

  • Control read/write permissions for connections by defining MQTT topic patterns

  • Utilize role-based access control (RBAC) to restrict users to permitted resources

  • Access the historical data from each data stream

Cloud Node-RED Servers

Create a secure and managed Cloud Node-RED Server to:

  • Develop REST API, WebSockets API, and business logic for your mobile and web apps

  • Seamlessly subscribe to real-time data streams published from all your apps or devices and integrate them with millions of apps and services such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB, S3, Dropbox, Slack, Telegram, Twilio, SendGrid, Google Sheets, Twitter and more

  • Build data pipelines, stream analytics, and alerts for the real-time data streams published by your clients, users, IoT devices, and Linux machines and automate your systems

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